With the Founding Assembly held in Zagreb, on the 29 February 2020, MOBA becomes a European Cooperative Society MOBA HOUSING (SCE), and the first SCE registered in Croatia!

Since over two years, the MOBA pioneers have set out to address structural limitations that block the development of collective affordable housing solutions by building a common platform in Central, South-Eastern and Eastern Europe (CSEE). Our aim is to attract, channel and manage affordable and fair financing for – construction, purchase and repurposing of buildings – of a new generation of rental, non-speculative housing cooperatives.

To take up this role, MOBA now becomes a European Cooperative Society (SCE), with the capacity to act as an intermediary between larger financial actors interested in social investment and cooperatives on the ground – thus empowering the upscaling of housing cooperatives in CSEE. To set up the framework for such an institution, as well as provide a part of the obligatory seed capital necessary to establish it as a legal entity, MOBA received the FundAction Renew grant. FundAction is a participatory fund that supports social movements in Europe, working towards a transition to a just and equitable world.

The MOBA SCE aims to become a partner for established housing cooperative networks from other parts of Europe, enabling international peer-to-peer solidarity in the domain of housing. The first step in this is through collaboration with ABZ (Allgemeine Baugenossenschaft Zürich), Switzerland’s biggest housing cooperative with 7,785 members.