About MOBA network

We are a network of pioneering housing cooperatives from Belgrade (Ko gradi grad), Budapest (Rákóczi Collective),  Ljubljana (Zadrugator), Prague (Sdílené domy) and Zagreb (Cooperative for Ethical Financing)  with support from the Cooperative for Ethical Financing, Socialni inovatori, FairCoop, Heinrich Böll Foundation, urbaMonde and World Habitat. We respond to similar problems of access to housing and affordability of housing in our cities, have come up with a common approach based on the co-operative model, and have innovative solutions in our work of introducing a novel approach to housing. We believe together we can overcome these obstacles and make a breakthrough for a new model of cooperative housing!

In 2017, we decided to join forces and meet regularly to build the necessary pool of expertise, capacities and (financial) instruments to launch our pilot projects in our region.