Pilot projects

Flagship projects are being prepared and getting launched – a crucial proof of concept for the MOBA approach:

• Vzletný Racek (Czech Republic) is a community house in the city of Děčín (North Bohemia) . This repurposed villa encompasses 770 m2 (15 rooms + 2 kitchens), plus a basement and a 1 700 m2 garden. The first floor is being put to use as a community space and while the upper two floors are for community living. Currently, the house is brought in use while simultaneously undergoing reconstruction.

key data >> 15 APARTMENTS for approx. 10 residents, € 270 000 investment volume excluding the costs of the ongoing reconstruction

Pametnija Zgrada (Serbia) is projected as a 4-story building just outside of the center of Belgrade. It will incorporate a range of apartments for different living requirements, including single users, families, and co-housing arrangements, totalling about 1000 m2 of apartment space. The approach is modular, allowing for flexible allocation during its development.

key data >> 20 APARTMENTS for 50 residents, 40 – 120 m2 NET floor area per apartment type, approx. € 1,300,000 investment volume

Zugló Collective House Association (Hungary) is a 3-storey multi-family house in one of the popular residential areas just outside the center of Budapest. In this building, private spaces will be around 20 m2 per person, with further 150 m2 common spaces (kitchens, bathrooms, collective spaces). This means that each inhabitant will about 16 m2 common space in addition to their private area.

key data >> 7 UNITS for 7 residents, 20 + 16 m2 NET (private + common floor area) per tenant, approx. € 325,000 investment volume

Zadrugator Housing Cooperative (Slovenia) will be constructed as a three-storey building with a total floor area of 3.398, m2 net. A variety of apartments and common spaces will be located in Rakova Jelša district, a 15 min walk from the historic city center of Ljubljana, on a plot of 5.000 m2 provided by the municipality.

key data >> 40 APARTMENTS for 125 residents, 38 – 105 m2 NET floor area per apartment type, € 4,100,000 investment volume

• Social cooperative První Vlaštovka (Czech Republic) is a pilot project of a planned network of solidarity community housing in the Czech Republic. Property for realisation, located in Prague 6, was bought in January 2022 for ca. € 1,500,000 with additional € 500,00 planned for its reconstruction. The project První vlaštovka will offer 500 m2 of housing area as well as 30 m2 of a semi-private community space for its residents and ca. 70-100 m2 open public space for various kinds of public events like lectures, discussions, concerts etc.

key data >> 10 apartments for 15 residents, 30m2 to 70m2 NET floor area per apartment, € 2,000,000 investment volume

Križevci housing project (Croatia) will be constructed inside a former military base in the city of Križevci, which is now being developed as a new cultural and technological center. With its total of 1150 m2 net lettable area the building will incorporate 20 apartments (1000 m2), 50 m2 of shared resident facilities (laundry room, common room) and 100 m2 of commercial space on the ground floor, providing for additional revenue generation.

key data >> 20 APARTMENTS for 66 residents, 30 – 75 m2 NET floor area per apartment type, approx. € 1,300,000 investment volume