Public Finance for the Future We Want

While working to build a regional financial infrastructure for cooperative housing, MOBA collaborates with other initiatives that seek financial solutions for social needs – and combat anti-social finance.

What if our money, tax and finance systems could be radically transformed? It’s not only possible, in some places, it’s already happening. Find out more in the new book, co-published by MOBA: Public Finance for the Future We Want. On the launch page you can find  7 interesting infographics, the executive summary and the complete book!

The chapter 7, Building bottom-up finance solutions for cooperative housing in Central and South-Eastern Europe by Agnes Gagyi, speaks about the institutional framework that MOBA is building offering a model for systemic transformation of local housing markets everywhere.

The book was edited by Lavinia Steinfort and Satoko Kishimoto, and published by the Transnational Institute, in collaboration with The Democracy Collaborative, Change Finance, Focus on the Global South, New Economics Foundation, Fairfin, Tellus Institute, and MOBA Housing Network.