The 2nd Call for the MOBA World Habitat Grant is out!

With the support of World Habitat, MOBA successfully developed and launched the MWH Grant in 2021. By providing access to non-refundable funding, the Grant supports advancing the novel housing cooperative approach in Central and South-Eastern Europe.

The 2022 Call provides 20.000 EUR to support a maximum of five projects by MOBA full members. Each organisation may apply for funding within the scope of 2.000 to 4.000 EUR. Exceptionally, applicants may apply for a higher funding volume (up to 8.000 EUR) if they can clearly show a direct and significant impact on the project outputs.

The MWH Grant aims to support and empower pioneering cooperative housing initiatives by improving access to:

1. Knowledge

  • Providing education and know-how around cooperative housing to project leaders, future residents or other relevant stakeholders (funders, local partners, etc.) to ensure the advancement of a cooperative housing project
  • Developing tools that enable the establishment or furthering of cooperative housing   
  • Strengthening international cooperation and solidarity to build up the knowledge for country projects 

2. Land

  • Securing and or purchasing a piece of land (or working towards this)
  • Securing a partnership that can enable access to land or funding

3. Finance

  • Developing and implementing financial strategies
  • Securing a partnership that can enable access to real estate or financing 

4. Policy and Legal matters

  • Developing policy or legal processes relating to cooperative housing 
  • Advocating and securing the adoption of policy or legal processes relating to cooperative housing

5. Technical and Environmental matters

  • Advancing on design and technical features for housing development
  • Developing sustainable low-carbon housing development solutions

More information is available in the MOBA-World Habitat Cooperative Housing Development Grant – 2022 Call for Projects.

Proposals are due by February 15, 2022.